“We have a vision and commitment to strong performance, ethical business standards, social justice and sustainable developments to extend efficient and effective services to the Hydro Power Generation, Tourism, Health Care Products, Food Processing, and Industrial Development"

Poised for future growth, active plans are afoot to come out with new and innovative projects. Our capability and depth of experience provides a strong basis for future success which we will be strengthening by the addition of new skills and technologies and the improvement of current process”

Vision & Mission

Vision: “To strive for excellence in our respective fields of work, with a commitment to a stronger, cleaner and better tomorrow for the country and communities we share our vision with”

Mission: “To be a leader in the hydro power – SHP, Infrastructure and various sectors we choose to expand into. Providing self-sustainability to people, communities and the country as a whole from our projects, we conceive. Keeping vested interests of people at large and striving for excellence in all fields”


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