The Group also has a In-House Consultancy Service / Company - Regency Hydro Engineers and Consultants who undertake the Techno Economic Feasibility and make the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Hydro Projects from 1MW to 25 MW..

The Company has provided Consultancy to the following Companies / SPVs/ Projects and is continuously engaged in this field to do so:

  • Madkini Hydro Electric Project. (Gopaljee Group)

  • Gunsola Hydro Power Generation Pvt Ltd. (Aguna Thati - SHP)

  • Aglar Power Comany.

  • Prodigy Hydro Power Pvt Ltd.

If you want to set up a Hydro Power Project (1 MW to 25 MW) and need services regarding Techno Economic Feasibility, DPRs, Rules and Regulations, Civil Engineering and Mechanical, and Technical Aspects of a project, feel free to Contact us.


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