Regency Aquaelectro and Motelresorts Ltd., (RAAM) has been promoted by M/s Regency Carbide Pvt. Ltd., by Mr. Arun Sharma and Mr. Rakesh Aggarwal as a specialized company to undertake Industrial ventures and small hydel power projects in the Himalayan Ranges of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The main promoter has already successfully set up Small Hydro Power Projects in Himachal Pradesh.

The group is also in the position to set up Industrial Unit in Industrial areas which can consume total power generated under captive use. Promoters have also in house capabilities of civil, mechanical and electrical expertise which is a good asset to undertake turnkey power projects and power consuming industries as per the fixed time schedule.

The vast renewable sources of energy available in the hilly areas, if tapped, can make substantial contribution to meet the rural energy needs. These sources are solar, biogas, wind and water power. In Uttarakhand alone the potential of small hydro power has been identified as over 8000 MW in its different river basins. With the costs of coal and oil increasing year after year, it is highly desirable to harness as much hydel power as may be possible. The company also plans to diversify in Tourism/Passenger Ropeway sector.

This is a very exclusive team of promoters who have tied up technologies with one of the best companies in the world for latest "State of the art" technologies in civil works and electro mechanical equipment normally required for undertaking such Hydel Projects. The company has also employed its own staff of qualified personnel to deal with all kinds of requirements in undertaking Small Hydel Projects and Ferro Alloys units from drawing board to commissioning.

The company commissioned its 3 MW Project in April 2005 which was inaugurated by the Governor of Uttarakhand Sh. Sudershan Aggarwal and the capacity was enhanced to 4.95 MW in April 2008. The company has also prepared pre-feasibilities of three self identified small hydro power projects and Yamnotri Ropeway Project.


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